Stephen Barrar

Steve Barrar proudly served our country in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam War. Thank you, Steve.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way … in 1996, Steve was elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives – and that’s when his service to our country began to dwindle away … in place of Steve Barrar’s service to the powerful, the well-connected and himself.

Now, the people of Pennsylvania know they can count on Steve Barrar to not lift a finger for our great state. Why, you ask? Because frankly, we losers can’t afford him. Steve doesn’t need you anymore.

He has billionaire sugar daddies like the Koch Brothers funding his campaigns now. And it’s a pretty sweet deal because, as a member of ALEC their stooges write his legislation for him or used to at least.

That left Steve time to write great tweets like this

So we can take our grubby little small cash donations and use ‘em to buy a case of anonymous burner phones – because Steve Barrar used our tax dollars to sponsor a super-unconstitutional bill that would let anyone tap your phone calls.

They don’t even have to be the police!

But don’t worry - it passed! It was one of those vote real quick and don’t look at it things. You’re already living in Steve Barrar’s world and you probably didn’t even realize it - like these folks who got arrested.

You may want to pour yourself a drink right now. Just make sure it isn’t a French wine or a German Beer because Mr. Barrar tried to get French wine banned from Pennsylvania.

Thankfully, Neil Cavuto of FOX invited Barrar on air in order to say hilarious things to him like you know a lot of people dislike the French, but they think you are going one step too far

And then the ultimate zinger “Have you got hard data?”

Unfortunately, Mr. Barrar did not.

Let’s learn from Mr. Barrar’s mistake - let’s get the data we need - so we don’t get zinged on November 6th!

So here’s Plan A:

Get your walkie-talkies and your two soup cans connected with a cord.

Use these talk to your neighbor while preventing Mr. Barrar from eavesdropping. Make a plan to vote on November 6th. Perhaps you may need a ride

Meanwhile, if you see Steve Barrar:

Don’t tell him you know about the Wiretapping Act.

Definitely don’t tell him that you know about ALEC or the Koch Brothers.

Just smile and wave like normal and then get to the polls as quickly as you can.